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purple flower quilt

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Every quilt has a story... starts with a birth announcement, an engagement, a graduation, a special birthday, a holiday, or an inspiration to make a quilt for yourself. Whatever the inspiration, it's time to create a quilt!


A pattern is chosen, and then the fun part -- buying fabric -- every quilter's dream! Head to the quilt shop and buy the fabric, wash, iron and organize it into piles.


Cut the fabric into pieces and sew it back together into quilt blocks. Seam rip a few seams (yeah, we all know this happens) and re-sew the seams.


Sew the quilt blocks together and form the beautiful quilt top. But the story is incomplete. The quilt top, batting and backing fabric need to be quilted together. 



Don't leave your Quilt's story untold...

...I can help you complete the story. I offer affordable Long Arm Quilting Services. You can contact me and we can discuss quilt patterns for your quilt, and then schedule a pick up or drop off. I use Edge to Edge or Custom quilting techniques to quilt the top to the batting and backing fabric.


The Quilt's story continues...

...when you receive the quilt back from me, you bind the quilt, add a label and give it as a gift to commemorate a baby's birth, graduation, birthday, wedding, friendship, etc.  Your labor of love becomes a physical reminder of special times in your life.  Or perhaps you just wanted to make the quilt for yourself. 


The Quilt's story is complete...


Whatever the story, the story is now complete! Click on the button below to learn more about my services, and how I can help you complete your Quilt's story. 

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MOre Information

Got a question? Check out the FAQs in the Resources section.

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Take a look at samples of my work.

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Prep your quilt

What you need to know before you send or drop off your quilt.

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Contact Me

I'm here to help you finish your Quilt's story.  Let me know how I can help.

What People Say


Patty F.

Amazing job! Carmela does really good work.  She has completed both an  edge-to-edge and custom quilting for me and either way she does an amazing job!

Diane S.

Carmela is easy to work with, and has many patterns to choose from. My quilts always seem to look better after she quilts them.


Michelle LaBarre

My job couldn’t have been easier.  I just had an idea.  That’s it.  Carmela Wilbur, owner of Carmela’s Creations,  did absolutely everything else.   I showed her a photo and explained that I would like it turned into a quilt as a gift for someone. And from there I just got to enjoy the creative process unfold.  She gave her advice on quilt size and what from the photo should be included to draw out the beautiful horses that were its subject. She went on the hunt for all the right fabrics and was thoughtful about composition.  I cannot begin to understand all the technical skills she clearly possesses, but I can tell you the final product was beautiful, masterful, full of movement and full of the spirit of the horses. She kept me updated as the process was going along and asked my opinion about certain things.  (But honestly,  my opinion was always to follow Carmela’s instincts.) She was energized by the project and clearly her heart went into the whole undertaking.   I am so grateful that she got to be the one to present the finished product to its intended recipient, so she could know how truly the gift was appreciated and to see how impressed we all are with her talent.  You have the whole package here.  You have someone with the tools, the skills, the energy.   She is conscientious, a great communicator and absolutely an artist.  My advice is to go directly to Carmela’s Creations with your idea and from there,  just let Carmela create. 

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