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Edge to Edge Quilting

example e-to-e.png

Edge-to-Edge quilting means that the same design covers the entire quilt top. It is sometimes referred to as an all-over design. An edge-to-edge design can be various shapes and designs but it spans the entire width of the quilt, repeating the same design for each row. A popular Edge-to-Edge design is stippling or meandering.

My fee is $.025 cents per square inch. 


To calculate square inches, measure the length and width of your quilt and multiply those 2 numbers.

For example, a quilt that measures 50 x 60 = 3,000 square inches. Then multiply the square inches x .025: 3,000 x .025 = $75.00. 

There are charges for thread and all applicable sales tax will be applied. See my pricing for more information.

If you're looking for a more custom design, I offer custom quilting. 

Feel free to view my portfolio.

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