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Prepping Your Quilt for LOng Arm Quilting

To ensure the highest quality outcome, please follow the instructions below to prepare your quilt.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!


General Information

* All Batting and Backing must be 6 inches larger on all sides than the quilt top, no exceptions.

* Your quilt top must be free of holes, extra threads, and pins (except for the safety pin to mark the top-see below).

* Mark the top of your quilt, backing and batting with a safety pin.

* Quilt top and backing need to be pressed, if I have to press out creases, there is a $50.00 charge.

* Your quilt must be as close to square as possible. Please square your quilt before adding borders. If your quilt is not flat, there will be fullness. Fullness in the quilt may cause puckers and tucks, there is no way around this. For best results, use starch when making the quilt, press and square up as you go. Quilting cannot hide or correct fullness.

* If a seam is not 1/4" then there is a possibility that the seam will open when placed under tension on the machine. The machine's foot can get caught on the seam and rip the quilt. Any seam that I deem may be a problem will need to be sealed with iron on fusible web.  There is a $50.00 per hour charge for this procedure.

* I can only quilt tops up to 106 inches wide.

* All Edge-to-Edge quilting will begin and end off the edge of the quilt.  This will ensure that the pattern will continue across the whole quilt, even on a quilt that isn't 100% square.


* Batting matters -- I use Hobbs or Quilters Dream either 80/20 or cotton.  I use these battings because they give the best results for your quilts.  I will use 80/20 unless you request cotton.  I sell batting for $14.00 per yard. 

* I use light color batting, if you want me to use black batting, I will have to order it and pass the charge onto you which includes shipping and any sales tax. I will schedule your quilt once the batting is received.


* Backing -- I do sell 108" backing. The price will be what I paid for it.  Prices vary, and can range from $14.00 to $22.00 (or more) per yard.

* If you need to piece the backing, please piece the seam larger than a 1/4 inch and press it open. If you have a choice, run the seam parallel to the top of the quilt. This way it'll be parallel to the quilt frame bars. 

* If you're not sure whether to use a light or dark backing, think about the thread color that will be used on the top.  If the thread choice is light, then use a light backing fabric to hide the stitching.  And, if the thread will be dark, then use a darker backing fabric. If you don't care if the quilting shows on the back, then use whatever you wish.


* I use Glide polyester thread. Sorry I do not use invisible thread or cotton thread. 

* I match the color in the top and the bobbin. I use neutral colors that blend best with the fabrics.


* I complete the quilts in the order I receive them. If you have a required date, I'll make every effort to accommodate you.  

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