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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the common questions that I've been asked. If you have a question, that isn't listed below, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your interest!

  • How do I get a quilt to you?
    * If you live in the Central New York area, I can meet you at any quilt shop or fabric store and pick-up or deliver your quilt to you. * If you do not live in Central New York, you can mail your quilt to me -- please contact me for the address. You are responsible for all shipping charges, including the return shipping charges.
  • What is Edge-to-Edge Quilting?
    * The same pattern is quilted across the top of the quilt including the borders.
  • What is Custom Quilting?
    * Anything other than Edge-to-Edge Quilting.
  • How long will it take?
    * When you contact me, I will give you an approximate date that the quilt will be ready. Unforeseen things can happen that will change the date. I complete each quilt on a first come first serve basis. If you need the quilt by a specific date, please let me know, and I will make every effort to accommodate your date.
  • Can I piece my backing material?
    Yes, and please piece it horizontal to the top of the quilt. This works best when placing on the machine.
  • Do you accept white-on-white fabric?
    That depends, rub your hand over it, do you feel texture? If so, then it is 'painted' on and I cannot accept it. White-on-white fabric actually lays on top of the fabric like a paint. The white will actually chip off during quilting and wreak havoc with my machine's hook. Millie needs to stay healthy, so I cannot accept white-on-white textured fabric.
  • Do you accept quilts made from fabrics other than 100% cotton?
    * I might. Contact me as there is an extra charge for minky, flannel. This material is stretchy in all directions and requires me to adjust the machine and material throughout the process. Therefore, it takes longer to quilt. *Quilts that have multiple types of fabric. like quilts made from old clothing. These include quilts that are made of multiple materials like denim, silk, lace, etc. The different fabrics will require changes in tension. So, as the machine quilts across the different fabrics, I'll need to adjust the tension which takes extra time and that is why I will charge extra.
  • Will you accept the thick batting?
    * I simply cannot in good consciousness quilt this thick batting. I realize that this batting is cheap, but in this case, you get what you pay for. You've worked so hard to create your quilt, this batting will not wear well at all. Clients are happy at first, until they wash the quilt and the batting bunches on them. Please pay the extra and get a quality batting. If you're not sure what batting to choose, please contact me and I can help.
  • Do you accept credit card payment for quilting services?
    * Not at this time. I only accept 'good' checks and cash.
  • When is payment due?
    * Edge-to-Edge quilting: Full payment is due when the completed quilt is delivered or picked up. * Custom quilting: A prior agreed, non-refundable down payment is required at the time of pick-up and the balance is due at the time of delivery of the completed quilt. * Art quilts are commission only. Payments and the date due will be agreed upon prior to creating the art quilt.
  • Why do I need 6 extra inches of backing and batting?
    * The backing and batting must be 6 inches larger, all around, than the quilt top. The reason for this is because I need to add it to the machine and I need extra at the end in case the quilt isn't quite square. * Yes, you'll get the extra material back. Most of my clients just use it for their binding, so it isn't wasted.
  • Why is it important to square my quilt?
    Because I will be adding the quilt to a frame, and then quilting across the quilt, in order for the quilt to fit properly on the machine, it needs to be square, as the machine's frame is square. If you've never put a quilt onto a long arm frame, then you're going to have to trust me on this.
  • Can you make an art quilt for my pet?
    * Yes I can, but all art quilts are commission only. I will work with you to choose the picture, and once the price is agreed upon, I'll ask for 1/2 the fee (non-refundable) up front before I begin the quilt. The balance of the cost will be required at the time of delivery. Contact me for more information.
  • What size are the art quilts?
    * Art quilts made for pets vary in size, but they are approximately 16 inches x 20 inches. A sleeve is added to the back for hanging the quilt on the wall. Some may be larger than that, contact me for information.
  • How do I care for my art quilt?
    * These are not meant to be used, and cannot be washed or dried. They are meant to be treated as a work of art. Do not wash or iron. Do not hang in direct sunlight.
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