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About Carmela Wilbur

I’m a craftswoman, quilter, artist, whatever you call me, I’m in love with using fabric and thread to create beautiful things.  I started sewing as a little girl with my first 'glue' sewing machine from Santa Claus.  I made clothes for my dolls and later would learn to make clothes for myself.  About 35 years ago, I found quilting. I have made traditional quilts, and applique quilts for baby showers, graduations and weddings.  

Long Arm Quilting

After years of 'stuffing' quilts into my small domestic machine to quilt it, I decided to learn Long Arm Quilting.  I certified through my local quilt shop and I was hooked.  I made several quilts and spent many hours in the shop renting their machine, it was time to buy my own.  In the summer of 2019, I purchase my Long Arm machine and set up my business. I invite you to see my portfolio of quilts, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Art Quilts

Art Quilts have opened a whole new world for me and helping me to tap deeper into my creative/artistic side. Now I look at the world completely different.  I live in beautiful Central New York where I'm constantly inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me. I find myself taking pictures of leaves, flowers, landscapes, animals anything that could  become a quilt. I'm not even close to completing all of the ideas that I have for art quilts. To see what I've completed so far, I invite you to check out my portfolio and enjoy the quilts and the story behind each quilt.  Because as every quilter knows, every quilt has a story.

Thanks for visiting, have a great day!


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