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Fat Quarters

What can you do with a Fat quarter?

Fat Quarters are a favorite cut of fabric among quilters. Here's a simple guide for cutting fat quarters.

How many squares can you cut from a fat quarter?

Before you begin, be sure to square your fat quarters before cutting. The following guidelines are based on an 18" x 22" square fat quarter, be sure to make adjustments if your fat quarter has a different measurement.

Here's the number of squares that can be cut from an 18" x 22"fat quarter and takes into consideration the 1/4 inch seam allowance:

10 1/2 inch square - 1

5 1/2 inch squares - 9

4 1/2 inch squares - 16

3 1/2 inch squares - 30

2 1/2 inch squares - 56

1 1/2 inch squares - 168

Happy Quilting!


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