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Making a Clear Blue Mountain Lake

I’ve traveled many times to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. To say I have hundreds of beautiful pictures is an understatement. At times, I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe that my eyes were seeing such beauty. It’s amazing.

So, I decided to make a quilt that culminates all the elements from these pictures. This quilt includes: snow capped mountains, a clear blue lake, yellow aspens shining brightly against the dark evergreens, and a view from over the tops of evergreens. What great memories I have of being surrounded by beauty in all directions.

To start, I created the sky, I love this fabric, it is a light blue and purple batik. I quilted the sky with just long sweeping curves to keep it low key as this isn’t the main show. Then I added the basic mountains.

The mountains are far away, so, I didn’t quilt heavy detail on them. Just some crevices that will hold the snow.

Then I added the snow. I like how the fabric frays and gives a soft texture to the snow. And I added just the indication of dark evergreens and bright yellow aspen trees in the distance. They are too far away to add any detail, but it gives an added layer to the picture.

The lake is born from 3 different blue batiks and a variegated thread that has a great shimmer, and it helps give the indication of the light shining on the water. (Sorry, that the sky looks yellow – I didn’t change the fabric, it’s my poor photography skills, LOL!)

Lastly, I added the evergreens. It’s awesome to stand at the top of a mountain and look out over the top of evergreen trees. I always feel like I’m standing on the top of the world. It’s all beautiful. Lastly, I added a sleeve on the back and then finished with a black binding to set off the quilt.

I’d like to dedicate this quilted wall hanging to my cousin Sue, who is the best travel guide!

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