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edge-to-edge quilting vs custom quilting

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

which quilting service is best for you?

Many of my clients ask me about Edge-to-Edge Quilting vs. Custom Quilting. There are 2 factors to consider: how is the quilt going to be used and what is your budget.

“There are 2 factors to consider: how is the quilt going to be used and what is your budget.”

Below is the discussion that I've had with my clients to help them decide on the best way to quilt their quilts.

edge-to-edge quilting

By far this is the most popular of the services that I offer. Why, because it’s affordable and great for quilts that are meant to be used. Do you see the quilt being used on a daily basis, washed regularly and some day it may end up on Antiques Roadshow where the workmanship will be admired, but the value will be diminished because it has stains and tears from years of being loved!

This quilt has a long and storied history. Perhaps it made forts with your grandkids, or was used to stay warm on a lazy winter afternoon with hot chocolate and a good book (okay – glass of wine!!). Or spent years being carried from home to camp, or kept an arthritic pet warm, whatever the story, and this quilt has many stories to tell, if only it could talk!

If this is your quilt, then I recommend Edge-to-Edge Quilting.

By the way, this is 99% of the quilts that I complete – they are full storied quilts, meant to be used and loved.

I have various designs to choose from and it’s affordable – see my fees here.

Custom quilting

This quilt is made for show or meant to be an heirloom quilt. This quilt will not be used on a daily basis, and in fact may never be used. It’ll be brought out and admired, and then quickly folded up to avoid sunlight damage and put away in an acid free box. Show quilts will be sent to the show and then stored for the next show.

And someday, these quilts may be found on Antiques Roadshow and will be admired and the general statements will be something like “this is in superb condition for its age, no stains or tears.” This quilt will have a higher value as an antique.

If you want to create a show or heirloom quilt then custom quilting is the recommendation. Keep in mind, that custom quilting takes longer as there is a design phase, and then the actually quilting will take anywhere from 9 to 30 hours.

I accept a limited number of custom quilts, click here to learn more.


When trying to decide which type of long arm quilting service is best for you, consider how the quilt will be used and your budget.

Edge-to-Edge is more affordable and is best to use for quilts that are going to be used and well loved!

Custom Quilting is more expensive, but is the best for show quilts or quilts that are meant to be heirlooms.

And if you’re still not sure, consider if the person you’re giving the quilt to will even know what the quilting is! Yup, I’m going there – unless you’re giving the quilt to another quilter, many people don’t understand the artistry of the actual quilting. I’ve actually had to point it out to people that I gave the quilt to, because they look at the piecing and design of the top, not the actual quilting. If this is true, that the person won’t recognize the quilting, then Edge-to-Edge Quilting will be the most affordable and best way to go.

If you have any questions or need help in deciding, please feel free to contact me.

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