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Scrap Fabrics

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

put those scraps to good use

As many quilters know, we have scrap fabric from quilts that we've made and we are not going to throw it out. But as the pile of scrap fabric grows, it begins to take over space that, well, quite frankly, we could fill with new fabric! But, oh, the dilemma of having to sort through it and discard it. It's hard to do. As you begin to sort through the fabric, you become nostalgic about the fabric, and before you know it, you're putting the fabric back in the pile, and you leave the project for another day.

“Scrap fabric takes up space, that, well, quite frankly we could fill with new fabric!”

But, there are ways to put that fabric to good use. Here are just some ideas for recycling that fabric:

Recycle that fabric

* There are charitable organizations that teach kids how to sew, they would love to have the extra fabric. Check for 4-H groups, Girls' Clubs, Girl Scouts, etc. in your local area.

* Perhaps your local school district has a home economics class that could use the material or the teacher may know organizations that could use it.

* Contact your local animal shelter, and ask them if they would take small blankets or cushioned beds and you could make them to the sizes that they need and donate them.

* I once read of a quilter that bought plain pillow cases, and put them in her sewing room. any scrap fabric, and batting would go into the pillow case. When it was full, she sewed the pillow case closed and took it to her local animal shelter and it became a soft bed for a small animal.

* Make quilts and give them to homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, senior centers, hospitals, etc. Check with your local organizations, they are usually very helpful.

* Check out the list of Charitable Organizations on my site that can use your help.

These are just some of the ideas to recyle your scrap fabric, do you have others? Let me know.

Now that you've emptied out the scrap fabric, time to go to the fabric store and buy more!

'Sew much fabric, sew little time!'


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